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The SCDW is a waiver provided for a supplementary fee, which either removes your liability for the excess or reduces it to a minimal amount.

We all love international road trips, and sometimes our suppliers agree renting cars internationally. Most suppliers do charge this service extra, since it involves international insurances, additional waivers and an entirely different rental procedure to begin with.

Typically the surcharge is calculated as a fixed fee per rental day. There are frequently extra costs, taxes or additional cover which you will have pay at the car rental counter.

Most often, you will find the value of the international rental option listed in the “terms and conditions” - for the agencies which allow it. Depending on what, when and where you’re renting, you may not be able to take your car outside the country.

When picking up the rental car you will need your driving license (for obvious reasons), your ID or passport, your debit card (nominal, on your name as a car driver) and most important your car rental voucher – so make sure you print it.

Once you arrive at the car rental booth, please double check that the amount on the voucher corresponds to the amount paid for the car hire, before actually paying. If any differences become apparent, please show the voucher to the car rental agent and call us immediately.

Complaints made after payment, or without immediate notification (notification should always take place before payment) to the dedicated phone number will not be considered. This enables us to make sure the problem does not occur due to an error on the supplier’s side.

This way we can protect you in case any issue arises with the local supplier. Our aim is to provide the best car rental experience, so we take being helpful to our customers very seriously.

Always. We are just a price search & comparison portal. The contract will always be between you as a customer and the car rental supplier. On our site we advertise suppliers and allow you to compare car rental rates in close to real time. We do not buy and resell car rental services, nor do we own a fleet of cars.

We are not an actual part in the car rental contract, which is between you, and the supplier of the vehicle. Please read the contract with the supplier carefully, and make sure you do NOT sign a contract you do not agree to or/and fully understand. If you have any objections whatsoever to the local car hire contract, decline to sign it or ask clarifying questions.

Once the contract with the local supplier is sign, you adhere to the terms and conditions. Insurance and waivers are valid only if the car rental contract is fully respected. For example in case of a hit and run, when you flee the place of an accident, the insurance will not be applicable, and based on the country there might be (serious) legal consequences. So spend a couple of minutes and read the rental contract carefully.

On our site you will find downloadable copies of the car rental contracts of various suppliers. You can print the contract and take it with you to compare if any differences are present. Please report these to us as well, and decline signing the contract if you do not agree with the terms of service.

On our site, you can manage a booking from the “Manage Booking” tab, or from the top left corner. All details in the booking interface are anonymized for extra safety. Your name, email, phone number do not appear in the web interface, to protect your privacy.

The only details which do appear, are general ones such as type of car, date of rental, city of delivery and return, and hours. We do not collect credit card data, addresses, or sensitive data of any sort (such as ID copies, copies after the driving licenses and such).

You can make as many changes or amendments on your booking as you desire. We also do not charge a “Booking Change” or “Cancellation Fee”. Once you cancel a booking, the availability of the canceled car is shown in the system, where the car is allocated on A First-come, First-served basis.

The payment at vehicle delivery is done in RON by card. Conversion is done at Unicredit - Sales Rate (bank cashier section) + 1% at the rate displayed on

We offer update prices daily. We relentlessly negotiate bulk car rental rates with our suppliers, to provide some of the best rental price and conditions to the users of our rental portal. We try to obtain competitive rates for SCDW waivers, CDW waivers, and the lowest possible cost for rental cars & accessories.

Sometimes we advertise special deals. These might be limited in number and scope, available only for certain cities, dates, car classes and providers. These are advertised as such on our website.

All our rates are expressed in price per “calendar day”, and are subject to real-time changes, so make sure you book a car once you find a deal which suits you, since later might mean that the price could change. If the price drops, since we offer FREE unconditional cancelation, you can always cancel and rebook another car from the same or a different provider.

We do not accept double bookings (to prevent car thefts), and we accept only maximum 2 booking cancelations per month per customer. After this, our system will still allow you to cancel and existing booking, but it will not allow you to place a new one within the timeframe.

For cross city rentals or international rentals, an additional fee might apply. We will provide the value of the fee, separately, after the booking. Our system does not automatically add this fee in the total when using the online configurator.

Unilateral rental cancellation or no-show, leads to loosing the advance or the booking fee because the car rental service is excluded from the legal refund right.

All car rental brokers and suppliers alike, never guarantee the specific make or model you will receive at the rental counter. Why? Because it will be simply impossible.

Rental cars are nonstop of the road. Cars can be involved in accidents, subjected to damages, last minute rental extensions, technical problems, or even theft. This means that a car rental supplier, regardless of it’s good intentions, cannot 100% guarantee a certain vehicle.

However, note that you are entitled to receive a vehicle in the same category holding the same number of passengers and with roughly the same luggage capacity. On our website you can find a full description of each car type (ACRISS classification code), including the number of passengers and pieces of luggage each can accommodate.

Sometimes for a restricted number of cars, we reserve our right of offering a “Guaranteed Model” option. These cars will be clearely advertised as such and the "Guaranteed Model" option will be clearly shown on both the website and car rental voucher.


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